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I am a passionate, creative and versatile creator with experience in photography, styling, project management, fairs/events and social media. My focus is on creating engaging and inspiring content, regardless of whether it is advertising, content for social channels or memorable experiences at fairs and events. With an efficiency and a belief in the power of visual communication, I always strive to deliver high quality work that touches and engages.



As a photographer, I capture moments and always want to convey a feeling. Love to be able to capture life's authentic moments through the camera, whether it's a beautiful cake or a child playing. I shoot everything from interior design, fashion, children and food and am passionate about telling stories and capturing emotions with my photos. Through the camera, I transform everyday moments into something very special and let each image convey a feeling. My goal is to create images that are not only seen, but also felt.


Through my long experience and my expertise in styling, I create visual stories that touch and inspire. I strive to create an atmosphere that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful whether for a photo session, a product or an event.

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I help businesses take their social media presence to the next level by creating engaging and relevant content. From developing strategies to creating and publishing content, I work closely with my clients to ensure their brand visually reaches the right audience in a meaningful way.


As project manager, I take responsibility for the entire process from concept to finished project. I am used to managing multiple projects simultaneously and have an ability to maintain high quality and meet deadlines. With my organizational skills and my thoroughness, I ensure that every project is carried out smoothly and efficiently.



I am involved from idea to final product when it comes to creating memorable and impactful experiences at fairs and events. I take care of everything from concept development to styling the stand or event area. With my experience and creativity, I ensure that every detail is thought through and contributes to creating a memorable experience for the participants.


If necessary, I can also offer model casting for various photo shoots. I strive to match the right model with each project to ensure that the vision is realized in the best possible way.

A selection of my customers

Cervera, Ellos, Newbie, Petit Nord Copenhagen, Minikane dolls, Florea Garden, Gooselings, Kitchen Aid, Mrs Mighetto, Tidningen Allt I hemmet, Ankarsrum, Lovely Littles, Mama knits, Baby Björn, Tidningen Nya Rum, Elodie Details, NG Baby, Sandberg Wallpaper, Tidningen Lantliv, Washology, Pure logic

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